About Me

dg_001-22Behind the Lens

I’m Daniel Gomes, a New York / New Jersey-based photographer specializing in event and documentary photography. I have six years experience as an assistant photographer, agency photographer, and studio tech.

Photography fell into my lap one day back in high school, when I snagged my parents old-school 35mm Minolta SLR and began snapping photos of my friends skateboarding (yes, I used to think I was a bad-ass punk skateboarder). In college, I studied photography and design in both analog and digital formats. My current marketing career gives me the opportunity to leverage and learn more about photography-as-content, but the work I love best happens outside the office—and within the frame

I am open to any project—big or small—and seek to fulfill only two goals: Satisfy my clients completely, and improve my craft every day.