Photographs that Tell a Story

When I’m not photographing events for clients, I try to keep active for my own personal development. The way I do this is by planning a series or story I want to tell with a set of images. This gives me a purpose and direction as I photograph.

In many ways, shooting a series can be therapeutic as well. I’m currently in a new chapter in my life and wanted to put together a short series to truly identify who I am as a photographer and as a person.

The following is the start of a series that will evolve over time. I begin with a mood board that highlights the things I currently love doing, old hobbies of mine, and things I’d like to begin pursuing:

Like anything else sometimes life gets in the way. That’s okay. I work on series between gigs and add to them when I have free time. The purpose of a series isn’t to wrap as soon as possible. You don’t have a deadline to meet. It’s really meant to help you elevate your photography skills, challenge your current shooting technique, and teach you to adapt to new ones. That’s where these series pay off!

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