Location, location, location

“Okay, I have my camera. I feel inspired, but where do I go shoot? I’ve been down to [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE SCENIC LOCATION HERE] a ton of times. What’s next?”

I find myself asking these questions quite often. Location, location, location. Sometimes as a photographer I get so caught up on where I’m going to shoot that I forget to focus on what I’m going to shoot. The truth is, you can go to the same spot every day for a month and still be inspired by something there. The beauty of photography is that you aren’t simply capturing a scene, you’re freezing a moment in time. No two moments are ever the same! More importantly, there are a myriad of factors that can affect the outcome of your work. For example: seasons of the year, time of day, the people you choose to use as subjects, even your state of mind can have a drastic impact on your work. Take for instance the following photos, all of which were shot in my own backyard:

I know it sounds ridiculous to confine yourself to your backyard, but I challenge any photographer, novice or seasoned to go outside when you feel inspired and just start shooting. Take photos of everything you see within a three-block radius. Yes, you are likely to take A LOT of mundane photos, but in every 20 mundane photos you take, you’ll find a gem. One that truly strikes you; and it was sitting in your own backyard this entire time!

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