Don’t take yourself too seriously!

I’d like to kick off my inaugural post with a simple message: Learn to enjoy your craft!

I know you’re sitting there reading this thinking, “Well duh, easier said than done Dan” and I’m sure you’ve heard a similar message time and time again from motivational speakers and what not. But the truth is, I hit a point some time ago that kept me from enjoying photography as much as I did on day one. I became too caught up in what it takes to be a successful photographer that I forgot why I picked up a camera in the first place. Photography can and should be fun! Is it intimidating at times? Of course! With that said, every job I take allows me to grow as a professional. If you aren’t challenging yourself from time to time, you aren’t exploring past your boundaries. On the other hand, don’t overwhelm yourself to the point of not enjoying your craft. A healthy balance is necessary.

I’ll leave you with a method I use to kick-start my inspiration from time to time: jump on Instagram. I know, every professional photographer is scoffing at me right now, but in all reality it isn’t about the equipment you use, but the way you use it. I work in NYC and while I don’t always have my DSLR, I do always have my phone. I often have my camera app open looking for new ways to photograph interesting scenes and subjects on my walk through mid-town. I can share photos on Instagram and receive immediate feedback from my followers. Most importantly, I don’t take my Instagram account too seriously! It isn’t meant to be a portfolio piece, it’s meant to be fun. Feel free to follow me @dan32592 and see what I mean.

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